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Fun is the word that most often comes to mind when you ask someone why they play online casino games at a live dealer casino.  Isn’t that the reason most of us visit the casino, because it is entertaining and simply a source of fun?  While some people go to the casino for money most people start out going because it is fun. 

Here's some of the reasons why you should be considering playing live dealer blackjack at a respectible online casino. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose an online casino over a land casino. Playing at an actual casino is more convenient, safer, and easier. But choosing to play at an online casino is not enough. To make sure that your gaming experience is complete, choose an online casino with live dealer blackjack. Here are some reasons why you should.

How do you rate an online casino? Most people would say that they rate online casinos based on how best they can duplicate an actual land casino and the experience of playing in one, and that’s what you will get by playing with casino dealers live online. In that particular aspect, the live online casinos are just ahead of the traditional online casinos. They are just like almost exact copies of the actual casinos, except for thr player’s physical location.

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Archive for October, 2008

Live Dealer Casino: The Excitement of Playing

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Do you love casino games? Have you been making the trip to the brick and mortar casino because you don’t feel as though there is any replacement for the games and the interaction that you get there? Many people feel this way and claimed they would never give an online casino a chance, but that was before the introduction of the live dealer casino. In the past many avid casino goers said that the majority of the online casinos simply were not up to par when it came to providing a comparable experience to the brick and mortar casino, and this was probably true. But, things have changed and now there is a much more realistic feel to the online casinos that are out there.

When you visit a live dealer casino you will find that it is very much like visiting a real casino. What makes this real is that you are not simply playing a computer generated game, you are playing a game that is being dealt or hosted by a live person. While live games have been around for some time, today they are even more realistic than ever before. Today you often have live video feeds that allow you to see the dealer or other players in action. This adds to the realistic feel of the game and makes it much more exciting for those that are playing.

The great thing about playing your favorite casino games in this way is that you take all of the inconvenience out of visiting the casino. While visiting a real casino is a lot of fun and cannot be totally duplicated, the fact is that for most people it takes some effort to go play at the real casino. Many have to travel great distances, deal with traffic, and even pay for parking and that is just what it takes to get there! Then, when you are there you may have to deal with distracting crowds, wait times to participate in games, expensive food and drinks, and then the return drive home. Many people are starting to play online with the live games because they can get the same fun, excitement, and interaction without ever leaving home.

There are many live dealer casino opportunities for you to take advantage of. Many of these casinos offer the live games as well as the simulated games while others will only offer the live games. You may find that some casinos only offer a specific type of casino game, which could be a good thing if you know that you only want to play poker, or blackjack, or roulette. Overall this has been a great thing for the gambling community because so many people are finding that they can gamble more often because getting online and playing is so much more convenient and less time consuming than going to the real casino to play. Not everyone is a fan of the live casinos online, but the number of people who are excited about the opportunity is large and growing.

Fun with Live Video Roulette

Monday, October 20th, 2008

If you have been playing roulette for years you might have heard some mention of live video roulette which made you wonder exactly what it is all about. Basically, this variant of roulette is part of the up and coming offerings from online casinos. The great thing about this style of play is that you get all of the fun and excitement that you get from roulette in a real casino, but you don’t have to leave home. This type of roulette is also known as live roulette because a camera is on the dealer and those that are playing from home can actually see him or her spinning the wheel. The exciting aspect of this style of play is that the game is not simulated or computer generated, instead you can see everything and play just like you would if you were in a brick and mortar casino.

Video live roulette is exciting because you get all of the visual stimulation that you want from the game of roulette. Many people hesitate to play this game online because they think that they will miss out on seeing and hearing the wheel spin or seeing the dealer drop the ball in and waiting for it to come to a stop. While this may have been the case early in the life of an online casino, it is no longer the case. Now, you can see and hear everything, just like you would in a real casino, so you aren’t giving up anything to play online.

Many people start out playing this game because they want to supplement the time that they are spending in the casino or they simply want to improve their game somehow. They take a chance and figure that this style of play won’t be as exciting as it is at their local casino. These same people are often taken aback because they love playing online and they get the same fun and excitement from playing on their computer as they do in the casino.

A lot of people stumble over video roulette innocently and they decide that they love it! Many people are intimidated by the roulette tables in a real casino, but when you play online they are less intimidating and people can start to enjoy the game for the first time. In addition to being less intimidating, roulette online is also a lot more convenient. Unless you live next door to a casino you probably have a bit of a drive if you want to play roulette in a real casino. Not only will you have to drive, you may have to deal with traffic you may also have to pay for parking. If you play online you could have been playing for an hour before you would have even gotten into the casino. There have been countless people who have decided, after years of playing in a real casino, that playing roulette online is the only way to go!

The Fun of Gaming with a Live Dealers Casino

Monday, October 20th, 2008

A live dealers casino is what many people are getting online for every day. In fact, millions of people are getting online each day to check out the live casino offerings in hopes that they can replace or supplement their trips to their local casino. This is the next generation of casino gaming and many people are excited to be a part of it. Those that want to be a part of it are finding that all you really need to enjoy an exciting gambling experience is a computer and an internet connection.

These casinos are known by many names with some people simply calling them online casinos, others calling them live casinos, and others still calling them video casinos. Whatever you want to call them, a live dealers casino is one that features dealers that are interacting with those that are at the online casino. There are real live roulette dealers! What this means is that when you get on and you choose to play roulette or blackjack, there will actually be a live feed of the dealer for you to see.

Why is this a big deal? The reason that this is a big deal is because when online casinos were first introduced they were fun, but not all that realistic. Online casinos need that human interaction or they just aren’t as much fun. When you are able to see a video of the dealer in the casino the game suddenly comes alive and you almost feel as though you are in your local casino playing a game that you love. When you play in a great casino you’ll feel as though you truly are sitting in a casino and not in your home!

Before you had the live feed of the dealers you often just had simulated games in which you were playing computer generated games. If you were playing with a live dealer you couldn’t really see them, so you had to wonder to yourself if there was really a person behind the action or if you were playing against a computer and just being told that you were playing with a live person. The live feed and the ability to play with someone who is really there simply makes the idea of playing online a lot more exciting.

There are thousands of live dealers casino opportunities out there and there are more opening up every day. You may be surprised when you start looking for the right online casino for you just how many there are. If you are looking for the live variants of the online casino, make sure that you understand the difference between the simple simulation sites and those that offer true live games as there is a difference and your experience will reflect the difference. When you play in an online casino of this variety you may find that you don’t have a need to visit your local casino because you get all of the fun and excitement from the comfort of your own home!

Awesome Live Dealer Casino Features

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Live casinos with real live dealers are all the rage these days with thousands of people getting involved every day. These casinos offer features that make them fun and appealing on many different levels. Whether you have been playing casino games for years or you are just starting out you will find that there are features that allow you to feel right at home with the online casino of your choice.

Beneficial Features of the Live Casinos
The first thing that you may notice about live online casinos that you’ll like is that you usually have the ability to play for real money or for casino credits. When you play for real money you are playing with your own money that you have deposited into your account and when you play with casino credits, as they are often called, you are just playing for fun. Playing for fun will allow you to get the hang of how the game is played online as well as how to play a new game, if you are playing it for the first time.

Many people also like the fact that online casinos offer awesome promotions or bonuses when you deposit money into your account. You can effectively double the amount of money that you are playing with when you deposit money into your real money account and start playing! Imagine having $1,000 instead of just $500 and what you could do with all of it! Who knows, it may be that extra money that allows you to win big! You can check out High Roller Bonuses for Live Casinos Here.

Other players like the live feeds that are offered on the live games. Live casino games are played in real time and allow you to see the dealer and any players that are in a brick and mortar casino. This makes the game much more realistic for the player and allows them to get the benefits of playing from home as well as the benefits of playing in a casino.

Many like the wide variety of games that are offered at the online casino. While you may have a nice selection of game in your brick and mortar casino you’ll have as many as 100 games or more to choose from when you play online. This means that you’ll have something to play regardless of what you are in the mood to do. If you want to try something new or stick to the old classics like live roulette, you’ll have your pick of the games that you love or have wanted to try. In short, the online casino offers something for everyone!
Of course, the most appealing feature is the fact that you can play from the comfort of your home any time of the day or night. No need to worry about traffic, hours of operation, or anything like that! Instead, you can play when you want to play from where you want to play! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Will My Computer be able to Run Online Casinos?

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

This is a concern that many people have when they first start thinking about playing with an online casino. The thing is, every online casino is different and has different requirements from your computer. The best thing you can do is shop around for an online casino that offers the games that you would like to play and then check out the requirements. The worst thing that happens is that you need to update a couple programs and then you can get playing. The best thing that can happen is that you have the system requirements and you are ready to play. Luckily, the requirements are not all that hard to meet and for most people you can start playing in just a matter of minutes.

System Requirements to Play with an Online Casino
Most online casinos will tell you that you need a reasonably powerful computer to play with their casino, though what you may consider powerful and what they consider powerful may be completely different. While your idea of powerful might be different from the next persons there are some very basic system requirements that are quite consistent across the board.

Generally you will need and IMB PC compatible computer, 14 MB of RAM, 16 bit color video card, SVGA monitor, Windows 98/95/NT, mouse, sound blaster compatible sound card, 20 MB free hard drive space, a CD-ROM Drive, and internet access. The better your internet access the better. Generally those that have dial up internet access will find that the online casinos don’t run as well on their systems as they do on those that have high speed access.

The great thing about these system requirements is that just about everyone has them. Even if you spent just $500 on your computer in the last couple years your computer probably has all of these requirements, and perhaps some to spare. While there are some variations from site to site, you will generally find that if you can meet or exceed these requirements that you will be able to play with the online casino of your choice without a problem.

Some of the more high tech sites will definitely need to meet or exceed the above stated requirements, especially if live feeds are involved. Many times it is an internet connection that will hold you back from a good time with the live feeds and not necessarily the computer so consider this when you logging onto play with a slower internet connection. Be sure when you are creating an account with an online casino that you check with them on their specific system requirements. You can generally find this information on the FAQ page of the online casino that you are considering gaming with.

How Much Can I Win with My Online Casino?

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Many people who have just found the fun and excitement that are offered by their online casino are starting to wonder if there is a limit to how much they can win with their online casino. Many people start to think about this after they take some winnings on their first time out. The great news is that you can continue to play with the majority of casinos out there on the internet without every worrying about when you will get cut off for winning too much!
Keep Playing to Win!
Have you ever been on a real winning streak in a brick and mortar casino and had the desire to play all night only to find that when you are done with a hand that you are asked to leave by the casino? This happens more often than you might think and casinos will do this any time someone is winning more than they are comfortable with. Many times the casino has a concern that there is cheating going on, but other times they simply want to stop a winner in their tracks so they don’t completely clean them out. It’s all about business and many people forget that a casino is a business. While you can appreciate this, you don’t want to be stopped when you are just getting started!
If you have just won at an online casino on your first time out you may be worried that you are going to get shut down online. The great thing is that there are not many instances of online casino officials asking someone to stop playing. In fact, there is not any legit documentation of such an activity out there. This doesn’t have to do with the fact that you can’t win and keep winning online; it’s just a whole different type of casino environment. Many people win large amounts of money through their online casino and the casino will continue to invite them back and even give them the benefit of big bonuses and promotions to keep them coming back for more. Overall you will find that online casinos are very accommodating and want to keep your business at just about any cost.
The simple answer to your question of how much you can win through your online casino is as much as you want. Of course, if the casino has any indication that you are cheating or manipulating the system you may be asked to leave, but most players who are online aren’t there to scam the casino and are there to have some fun and hope to win. So, if you have won and you want to continue to win, go for it! The casino will likely welcome your business and if you are lucky your winning streak will continue for hours or even days at a time!

Online Casinos: Gambling of the Future or NOW?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

20 years ago when most of us thought of a casino we thought about one of the casinos that you would find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City that was full of people, lights, noise, and all of the great games that we have come to know and love. Today, gambling has taken on a whole new look and feel and online casinos really have become the gambling stage of the future. No longer do you have to run out to the brick and mortar casinos to indulge in a late night game with friends or total strangers. Now you just need to power up your computer and have an internet connection and you’re just moments away from placing bets, winning money, and having a lot of fun.

The Appeal
There are many things that make the online casino very appealing to a lot of people. First and foremost, when you gamble online you no longer have to go out of your way for a great night of entertainment. While there is something fun and exciting about visiting a casino, it can also be a process if you do not live near a casino, and a lot of people don’t. Now you can log on from just about anywhere and have a great time no need to plan in advance.

Another nice aspect of the online casinos is that players can choose to play as privately as they would like. For instance, if you are in the mood to play poker but you aren’t necessarily in the mood to be around other people, you can play video poker or a simulated game that will allow you to have some fun without being involved with other people.

Some people, as odd as it may sound to some, don’t like the brick and mortar casino environment. The casino tends to be loud, full of a wide assortment of people, and there is often cigarette smoke everywhere you go. Not everyone finds this environment pleasing and for those that are not fond of it, they can now enjoy all of the casino games that they like without having to go into this environment.

Gaming from home is simple a great idea to a lot of people! While the brick and mortar casino is appealing a lot of the time, there is something that is awesome about being able to kick back in your favorite easy chair in your pajamas and win money. You can enjoy your favorite drinks, the television, and simple enjoy the comforts of home while you play your favorite video games. In short, online casinos are simply the best of both worlds for those who love to play and those who love the comforts of home.

Online casinos are here and they are gaining popularity every day. This really is the casino of the future and it is a market that will likely only continue to expand in the future. Online casinos don’t have to be your only method of enjoying casino games, but it certainly is an appealing choice a good deal of the time.

Is One Online Casino Better than the Other?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

If you ask ten different people which is the best online casino you will likely get ten different answers. Why? The reason that you’ll get a variety of answers is because everything is looking for something a bit different when they game online, so it’s hard to pin point which online casino is the best. What you have to do when you are interested in gaming online is choose the best casino for you. If you have friends that play at an online casino you can ask them where they game as a starting point, but don’t be surprised if the casino that they love doesn’t fit you just right.

Choosing the Best Casino
There are literally thousands of online casinos for you to game with, which will make it a bit overwhelming when you start searching for the right casino for you, which is why it may help to ask some friends where they game. When you have looked at the sites that you have been referred to you will then need to think about what would make one casino better than the other for you.

First, you’ll want to think about the type of games that are offered at the best casino for you. Do you like live games or do you like simulated games? Do you want to focus on slots, card games, or table games? Which casino is the best for you will depend on the type of games that you like to play, which is why there is a wide range of casinos to choose from and everyone’s idea of what is the best differs so much.

If you like to take advantage of promotions and bonuses you will find that there are some great casinos out there. They may not be the best choice for those that don’t care so much about these things, but if you like to get free money to play the games that you love there are some awesome online casinos for you to choose from. Sign up, weekly, monthly, and loyalty bonuses add up in no time and can allow you to have a great time.

Ease of use is also something to consider when you are trying to choose one casino over the other or determine which is the best. If you don’t have a lot of experience with downloading software you’ll want to choose something that is straight forward, or perhaps a casino that doesn’t involve any software downloads, and there are still a few of those out there to choose from.

As you can see, everyone has their own idea of what is the best casino, so it’s hard to choose just one of the thousands that would be right for every single player that wants to enjoy casino games online. While there may be one casino that is better than another in the opinion of one person, it may not be an opinion that is shared by everyone. For this reason, it’s important to see what is out there instead of settling for something less than you expected.

Casino Games from Your Easy Chair

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

The idea of playing your favorite casino games in the comfort of your own easy chair sounds great, doesn’t it? If you love to play blackjack, slots, baccarat, sic bo, or roulette but you don’t love the drive to the casino or making time to get there and back you aren’t alone. Luckily, there is a way that you can stay home, in your favorite chair or couch, and play all of the casino games that you want. Online casinos have really transformed the casino and more and more people are taking notice and staying home to play instead of visiting their favorite brick and mortar casino.
Live Casino Games from Home
Even those that are not all that tech savvy can learn how to turn on their computer and start to play the casino games that they love. The process is really easy and all you really need is an internet connect. All you have to do is find a casino website that offers the games that you enjoy and download the software. Even if you have not downloaded a lot of software you will simply need to follow a series of prompts and within just a few minutes you’ll be ready to play.

When you have downloaded the software you simply need to create an account, deposit funds into the account, and start to play. That’s right, you are able to play for real money when you play from home. What this means is that you can make just as much money sitting at home playing the games that you love as you do in the casino. In fact, you may actually end up with more money in your pocket at the end of the day because you haven’t had to pay for gas to get to the casino and you haven’t had to pay insane drink prices while there.

Online casinos usually offer a wide variety of games for you to play including all of the classics such as blackjack, sic bo, baccarat, roulette, and poker. Other games may include slots, casino war, and more as the variety really does depend on the casino that you choose but it is not uncommon for the casinos to feature more than 70 different games, and that’s a lot of opportunity for you to win big.

As you can see, playing your favorite games from your easy chair really is a lot of fun and even has some benefits over playing at the brick and mortar casino that you have been going to for years. While you may never completely replace your trips to the casino, you may find that the online casinos are a great substitute when you can’t get out to game as often as you would like.

Why People Love Playing Live Online Blackjack

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Do you love a good game of live blackjack? If you do, you might want to check out live online blackjack if you haven’t done so already. This is a game that is played constantly by a large number of people online and that is because it is fast paced, fun, and convenient. Whether you are just learning the game or you simply want a simple way to play when you want to play, live online blackjack is a great option.

Why Live Blackjack?
It would be rare to find a casino that does not offer some version of blackjack, but there are some casinos that are more convenient than others. This is exactly why a lot of people do like the live online blackjack offers that are out there. You are able to get online when you want to and you get the same interaction that you get when you go to the casino, except you don’t have to leave home. Simply not having to travel to the casino, pay for expensive drinks, or deal with the crowds is enough to bring many people to the live online casinos instead of the brick and mortar casinos.

Many people like live online blackjack because it is fast paced and different than the simulated games that are out there. For a few years there have been a lot of simulated games out there that are fun, but they are just lacking that element of reality that brings people to the casino. Live online blackjack is the real deal, including the dealer an even real sound effects. A lot of the online casinos now are offering live streaming video so you can see the dealer as he or she deals the cards and you may even be able to talk to other players, and all of these features make the whole process more realistic and simply a lot more fun than the older simulated games.

There is a wide spectrum of reasons why people love playing live online blackjack. Some like it because they don’t have to leave home and can play from anywhere, others like it because there is more competition, and others still like it because they are just learning and don’t want to go to the casino until they have some skills to take with them.

Live online blackjack is definitely the most modern face of a game that has been around for a long time. The online aspect is attracting a whole new generation of players and it doesn’t look like the craze is going to be dying down any time soon. Simply put, live online blackjack is a lot of fun!

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